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Estimator Assistance

Sherman Consulting’s expertise in administrative services is our ability to work effectively with our client’s project estimators. Our professional consultants provide accurate and detailed information to estimators, which translates into the preparation of a bid proposal that will save our clients time and money. Sherman Consulting provides a full range of estimator assistance including but is not limited to the following:



Work with the estimators to research materials pricing on Guam and the CNMI:

  • Verify types of materials related to the project that is sold on Guam or the CNMI Verify quantity of materials inventory

  • Verify the time required to replace inventory in Guam or the CNMI

  • Verify material suppliers’ credit terms available to large contractors
    with the estimators to research equipment leasing or rentals on Guam or the CNMI

  • Verify the types of equipment available on Guam or the CNMI

  • Verify the cost of lease and rental of equipment on Guam or the CNMI

  • Verify shipping time to bring in new equipment required for the job
    with estimators to research the cost of warehousing and lay down yard area on Guam or the CNMI

  • Work with local realtors to find land/warehousing near the project site

  • Work with local realtors to negotiate prices for lease/rental/purchase of necessary land/warehousing

  • Work with estimators to research the cost of labor and housing costs

  • Work with local realtors to find suitable housing for management and regular lower-level staff

  • Work with local realtors to negotiate a price for the lease/rental/purchase


Work with estimators to identify service providers for workforce logistics:

  • Food service for labor

  • Transportation for labor

  • Morale and Welfare for labor


Work with our clients’ Accounting department to establish how payroll and tax liabilities work on Guam or the CNMI:

  • Assign Sherman Consulting staff member to work directly with our clients’ Attorney staff to establish costs for tax liabilities for doing business on Guam or the CNMI

  • Assign Sherman Consulting staff to work directly with our clients’ Accounting staff to establish payroll requirements and other local with holding requirements for labor​

FOREIGN LABOR RECRUITMENT*(separate fee structure)*:
Alien Labor Processing and Certification is a very detailed and time consuming effort. The process is so loaded with bureaucracy, that it seems done purposely in order to discourage alien labor hiring.


Sherman Consulting has dedicated full time staff on Guam and in the Philippines who, process alien labor documents on behalf of our client. The difference between our service and the service of others is that Sherman Consulting integrates risk management capabilities in order to provide clients with the best labor force available with the lowest risk of potential liability.

We also have skin in the game as we have gone through the process ourselves for employees. This means we understand the challenges and issues that come up during the processing, interviewing, verification of documents, arrival on Guam, social and religious implications as well as injury and illnesses which happen during the course of hiring foreign labor. Our partners in the Philippines also understand this and we have partnered with them to conduct extensive review of applicants to ensure that the “challenges and issues” are nearly nonexistent with our recruits.


Because of this, Sherman Consulting offers a 100% guarantee on our recruits. If a recruit fails to meet the standards of our clients or if fraud is identified, crime is committed or sickness occurs unrelated to his/her work, then Sherman Consulting will replace the recruit free of charge to the client.


This service is not included in our basic representative services but can be quoted separately based on a per recruit fee. Previous clients include Forest Wheeler, Loyds, Citi Construction, RPR Enterprises, Bridge Investment
Group and some defense projects in Australia.

Contact us at or call +1 (670) 433-2664 for more information.

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