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Regional Construction Opportunity Report

Sherman Consulting produces a proprietary “Monthly Intelligence Report” (MIR) the first week of every month.


The detailed report contains tracking information regarding the military buildup which focuses on issues related to the Pentagon, US Defense Appropriations, the Ministry of Defense for Japan, Japan Appropriations, Guam Military Project Tracking, CNMI Project Tracking, CNMI Range Development, and Guam State Government Agency Tracking.


The MIR is a powerful tool for tracking the movement of the Guam/Tinian Military Buildup program and can be customized to meet the client’s needs based on feedback from the client. Our report is considered the most precise and accurate monthly report on the Guam/Marianas build-up and is utilized by many Government Agencies and large private construction firms to track the build-up activities and flow of information.


Our report covers information not readily available to the public and is often weeks ahead in terms of information gathering that later becomes public.

Contact us at or call +1 (670) 433-2664 for more information.

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