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US Domestic & Foreign Labor Head Hunting & Recruitment 

We offer the ability to partner up with clients by helping them look at their workforce planning and supporting the delivery of recruitment, talent management, and mobilization into the projects at the right time of the labor demand curves.

These services can be offered on a consulting basis or full Recruitment Process Outsourcing  (RPO) models. For overseas and off-island firms we can offer locally compliant payroll and employment services that offer the protection to clients of not exposing themselves to local worker compensation and payroll tax reporting claims and liabilities. 


Our search and selection services not only offer the industry quality candidate mapping and identification techniques and processes but also leading-edge selection and psychometric techniques that supersede any Briggs & Myer approach.


As truly independent consultants we can offer advice on tools such as Harrison Assessments and Reejig amongst others. It's not just about finding the right candidates but making sure the selection process is as robust as the applicant flow. We know what works from a tool's viewpoint and what doesn't.

Contact us at or call +1 (670) 433-2664 for more information.

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