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Public Relations/Local Liason

Sherman Consulting offers firms public relations services to launch its product or services as well as brand protection in the Asia Pacific Region.

Conference and Event Management and Planning
Sherman Consulting offers expert planning and management of conferences and events in the Asia Pacific Region. Our experience has been with planning and managing conferences for the US Military as well as private industry and local governments. Conferences and Events sizes we have been involved with range from small 50 attendees to as large as over 1,000 attendees. For more information on these services please email us your interest or focus in the region and we can provide you the opportunities related to your focus.


Public Relations and Product/Service Roll Out

Sherman Consulting offers firms public relations services to launch its product or services as well as brand protection in the Asia Pacific Region. Services include managing media image, writing press releases, working with reporters for story placement which highlights the firm's service or product, and coordination with the US Commercial Services US Export Office for support from the US Embassies. Public Polling and surveys are also services offered for the refinement of the firm's message or fine-tuning of a product or service for future rollout in the region or area. 

Conducting business in a foreign country is difficult. Guam and the Pacific Region for all intents
and purposes is like a foreign country due to its remoteness and unique regulatory environments.
Finding dependable, knowledgeable, and effective local personnel to work with other locals in the
foreign country is imperative. Sherman Consulting offers clients professional local representation
which includes the following:

• Coordination of logistics for visits by our clients’ staff
• Booking of Hotels (at local discounted rates)
• Booking of vehicles (at local discounted rates)
• Creation of daily agenda and meeting schedule for our clients’ staff
• Arrangements and confirmations for meetings with Government Officials, Regulatory agencies, materials, suppliers, subcontractors, etc
• Escorting, Driving and attending meetings with our clients’ staff
• Handling interaction with local and state regulatory agencies in order to ensure smooth
compliance with local regulations
• Liaison work with the state legislature and municipal governments to monitor local
legislation and laws which affect our clients’ business
• Management of local media and the press to maintain a favorable media presence

• Liaison work with local grass roots organizations which may not be in support of the
proposed project
• Management and organization of culturally sensitive customs on project sites
• Management of community interaction and community event sponsorships

Contact us at or call +1 (670) 433-2664 for more information.

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